Guide to buying vintage music records

  • Thomas Virgil
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  • 09/14/2017
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    Over the years, I can argue that I have gained some experience and notoriety for collecting vintage music records. I may not have realized, but by the high number of people who approach me so that I give them advice on how to go about it, has prompted me to compile some advice on how to do it. Even though this is not an exhaustive list, reading the guidelines will go along way in helping you purchase your records and have a good collection of your vintage records. Let us look at some of the main factors that you should take into consideration.

    Buying vintage music records

    Vendor avenues

    First of all, you have to identify places where you can buy records. Especially for records thalkvnaskdnvkasndlvnaskdnvalksndvlkasndlkvnlaskdnvasdvat had a limited release, as the kiss creatures of the night glow in the dark vinyl, it is best to do an intensive search. These days it’s a bit easier given that you can buy them off of the internet. However, if you have no success on the internet, you can go old school and visit a music store.


    The first thing that you should always take into consideration when you are purchasing a vintage music record is carefully reading the review of the grade that the seller has given the album. Also look at the sleeve and cover too. As it is when purchasing them, the most important aspect when you are evaluating this records is the actual condition that the record is in. But be sure that the status of the cover that it has and the sleeve will affect its value.

    You will not need to take all this into consideration if you are purchasing new records, but with the vintage ones, any collector is advised to keep an eye on the rating of the record. Do not purchase a record that has a lower grade since it will attract less value plus it will have a lot of scratches on its surface hence can not only have an impact on the playback, but it will also affect the entire listening experience.


    Also, remember to take into consideration the weight that a particular record has. The more a record is played, the more it degrades. Thus it is advisable that you go for a heavy weighing record since it will offer you more durability and a better sound quality over time. 120 grams is the standard weight of a good record, but it is advisable that you go for that which is between 150-180 grams as they are the recommended weights for a collector.


    Always ensure that before you purchase the vintage music record, you are pretty sure of the pressing, its number, and the pressing size. When these records are manufactured, the manufacturing process is what is referred to as the pressing. Hence the pressings as the records that are inputted into it during the same run. Even though it can be challenging to determine the pressing of the older records, it is worth taking your time to take that into consideration.

    To determine this, you will have to carry out some bit of research to determine when the record was released, the label that released it, the matrix number, catalog number and its correct …