Common Traffic Violations

It is not easy to understand all the different traffic regulations and laws. These laws vary among states and cities, and it is not possible to know them while you are travelling. However, this should not discourage you from travelling to other states or cities since you are not aware of the various traffic law violations.

Safe driving habits

It is very crucial for every driver or the car owner to practice safe driving habits. You should practice these habits consistently wherever you go. Unsafe driving is the most common type of moving violations which many drivers are faced with. You should, therefore, practice safe driving to avoid being charged for this violation. Additionally, you should be aware of the careless drivers whenever you are driving.


This is another common traffic violation, especially in America. You should always observe the set speed limits when you are driving. Failure to notice a change in the speed limit in the various zones might make you be charged by the traffic police officers. You can avoid this by being extra vigilant about the various speed limits.

Reckless driving

This is also referred to as harmful driving. It can lead to an accident or even harm other people. Most people are used to multitasking while they are driving. This might cause the driver to miss some important details on the road around him. Drivers should always pay attention when driving. The driver should allow the passengers to handle some things such as changing the radio stations, navigating and adjusting other things inside the car. This will make the driver to be fully focussed when driving.

Running the red lights

This is mainly associated with driving beyond the speed limit. It is considered as reckless driving, and it could easily lead to an accident or harm the other drivers especially at the intersection. Another common violation is running the stopping sign when there is oncoming traffic. This can be very dangerous.

Failure to stop for the pedestrians

Drivers get frustrated when they are driving behind a vehicle which keeps on stopping alongside the road. Such vehicles include the school buses and transportation buses which have to stop frequently to pick and drop their passengers. Passing a stopped vehicle which is picking or dropping passengers is considered to be unlawful.


How to react

You are advised to seek out legal assistance especially if you had been charged with a violation recently. You might be charged heavy fines or penalties are you decide to handle the case on your own. You might even end up losing your driving license.